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Champions of Health 2018

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Our Philosophy

The Purpose of Life—The possibility of infinitely long, good, and meaningful life, along with the hope that this possibility can be realized, brings the purpose of our lives into focus. The purpose of life is to reduce all limits on our being—intellectual, psychological, physical, and moral—and to live in a world supporting meaningfulness. We should work to increase our knowledge, love, joy, beauty, goodness and spirituality. This means being better thinkers, companions, artists and parents. It also means acting to promote the flourishing of the whole person. Living a healthy lifestyle helps us on this path toward a meaningful life.

Your Goals (general examples)

  • I want to maintain a cheerful and hopeful outlook on life
  • I will spend quality time with my family or friends daily
  • I want to play with my children and not feel out of breath
  • I will take time daily for spiritual renewal
  • I will achieve/maintain a healthy weight

Guide to Setting your Healthy Living Goals  

Your personal goal should be:

Specific – state what you are going to do.  Include the WHAT is going to be done; the WHO is going to do it, the WHEN is it  going to be done (example:  I will lose 5 pounds by April 15).

Measureable –  Describe how you will measure progress (example, I will record my weight at the beginning of the program, every Sunday morning and on April 15th).

Achieveable – Your goal should motivate and inspire you not discourge you. Ensure that your goal is doable.

Relevant – Must be relevant to living healthy

Time Oriented – State how long it will take to complete your goal (example: I will lose 5 pounds om 40 days).

Participation Guidelines

  • Complete a Registration Form

Register at any Primero Health Free Zumba classes:

◊ Emma S. Barrientos Mexican Cultural Center,600 River St Tues (Martes) 6-7pm

◊ Santa Julia Church 3010 Lyons Rd., Wed (Miercoles) 6-7pm

◊ Corazon Latino Kick Boxing 500 W.William Cannon Mon(Lunes) 6-7pm

Register online.

◊ Register at the Primero Health Education and Wellness Center, 1701 E. 7th Street, Monday –Friday

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

  • Sign my pledge to make healthy choices and set a goal. The Pledge is part of the Registration Form
  • Receive a text message each day with a healthy lifestyle suggestion
  • Try to do one healthy choice each day
  • Report progress on a weekly basis, preferably Sundays, via text or email (text: response to a Coach text or email: info@primerohealth.org)
  • Complete a final survey at the end of 40 days!

40-Day Healthy Living Plan

Participants will receive information about the Healthy Living Plan via Text Coaching Messages. For review of the full plan go to Path To Healthy Lifestyle.

Exercise and Nutrition Classes and Resources

All participants of the Champions of Health 40-Day Healthy Living Challenge are welcomed to attend FREE Zumba classes at the locations listed above. Exercise videos of all levels are available at the Primero Health website at: Fitness Videos

Health Coaching

Participants will receive Healthy Lifestyle guidance each day for 40 days via text from a Primero Health Coach to help them achieve their goal and adapt to healthy lifestyle changes.

Health Checks

Free Health Checks are available to the Champions of Health 40-Day Healthy Living Challenge participants at the Primero Health Education and Wellness Center, 1701 E. 7th Street, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and at all Zumba Classes locations during Zumba Class. Zumba Locations and Schedule.

Win Cash and other Prizes

All participants will get entered, after completing the Champions of Health program, in a raffled for three $100 cash giveaways. Participants losing the most weight during the 40-day program will receive $100 cash and an additional prize; Participants referring the highest number friends/family members will also get $100 cash and an additional prize.   Good Luck and Let’s Get Healthy!

7 Keys to Health

View the Daily Plan steps!

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