Primero Health

Our Mission

To encourage and support healthy initiatives for individuals and families in the communities where they live, work, and pray.


A Healing Culture

Primero Health, Inc. is a young non-profit organization created to encourage healthy initiatives to benefit individuals and families within their communities. We believe in the time-honored adage, La Cultura Cura, a culture heals.   Thus, Primero Health seeks to aid communities in promoting a healing culture.


Community Healthcare Solutions

Primero Health believes that healing communities must encourage economic development and that ongoing health improvement is fundamental to this effort. If a community lacks quality healthcare, the ability to contribute time and energy to their success is diminished. Thus, Primero Health’s initial focus will be on healthcare solutions.


Affordable Initiatives

Primero Health develops and supports affordable health care initiatives. This may include health plans or innovative options that align the incentives of providers, payers and patients to improve access, quality of care and cost effectiveness for individuals, employers, employees and families.


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